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    Kawashima Chiyoko - Garnet Guardian - Poem for Sailor Pluto


    by EternalMessiah

    Kicking off 2010 with a special video I put together, featuring my favorite Sailor Senshi - Sailor Pluto. aka Setsuna-sama.

    Keep in mind, I tried syncing up Setsuna's mouth movements with the poem, but it wasn't happening thanks to my program acting up. Just treat it as my Setsuna-sama doing voice-over. An interior monologue. :P


    A shot of magic. A handful of desert. At the monument of time, I tell the myths of eternity.

    I am Sailor Pluto, messenger of Hades. I will not pardon those who come near these forgotten sacred precincts.

    That musical tune is maddening like the wind. That figure is a person frozen in ice. Not knowing of the dawn, not seeing the coming night, only my garnet eye crosses time, and I think of the people I love.

    Pluto Planet Power, Make Up! Shadows of evil, spirits who have violated the prohibition, now you will crumble away from before the door of my vow. Dead Scream!