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    The True Innovator of The Matrix...SAILOR MOON!


    by EternalMessiah

    HiHi! Just putting up this filler video, since I haven't uploaded anything in a while. Don't you just hate torrents that just stop working? Which explains why my Sailor Pluto AMV isn't up yet. Ah well, can't be helped for now. I will, in time, have the video ready to go. In the meantime, enjoy this (and possibly a few more) filler video.

    Here I put together a nice little tribute to the Matrix. Reminding everyone who really started the slow-mo, bullet time, and Hollywood stylization effects before the 1999 hit movie (and Blade, if you count that). Who knew Usagi's established abilities would make Keanu, and friends, stars! :) Song is from Quake III Arena, and credit to Zox for the nifty fanart near the end. ^_-