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    PWF Mid-South: Convergence (Wrestling)

    "PWF Mid-South: Convergence" - For the first and only time, "Convergence" featured PWF Northeast, PWF Mid-South and PWF Universal stars in a series of inter-promotional matches. Notable matches include Robbie Race successfully defending the PWF Mid-South heavyweight title against "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville and a high-flying aerial showcase featuring all three members of the S.A.T.

    Official PWF Mid-South website:

    MATCHES: June 15, 2002 - Smithfield, RI
    1. Billy Bax vs. Chris Venom
    2. Matt Striker vs. Triplelicious
    3. Matt Striker & Johnny Curtis vs. Triplelicious & Brian Black
    4. DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Quiet Storm vs. Kenny Phoenix & KL Murphy vs. Adam Hastey
    5. PWF MID-SOUTH TITLE: Robbie Race vs. Tommy Knoxville
    6. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Red
    7. PWF NORTHEAST TAG TITLE: Bash Bros. vs. Los Vatos Verdes (Emerald Fusion)
    8. The Damned vs. Kyle Storm & Psycho Mike
    9. PWF NE TITLE: Billy Black vs. Gino Giovanni

    The DVD features two camera angles, commentary, match selection and can be purchased here:

    Shot & edited by stuCAM