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    Eldon Taylor - Subliminal Programming Media Mind Control 3-6

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    We have Eldon Taylor with us who has been research on Subliminal Programming, Mind Control, Hypnotic Suggestion and Media Persuasion. He has a background in law enforcement and psychology. He's recently released a book called "Mind Programming - From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics". Eldon joins us to discuss the nature of the mind, awareness, subliminal programming and how we are being programmed by external forces. We discuss how we are being influenced and controlled by the propaganda from governments, media, culture and how to break free from other people's programming and how to "program" ourselves to live the life we want. Topics Discussed: Background in LA Police, Decocting Masking, Lie detection, Single frame ad for McDonalds, Subliminal Information, Using Mind technology for Nefarious Purposes, Go...