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    Semir Osmanagić - The Bosnian Pyramids 7-7

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    The Bosnian Pyramids July 8, 2007 Semir Osmanagić the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramid and the guiding person behind the project of excavating the Bosnia Valley of Pyramids in Visoko joins us for an excellent discussion about the story behind the Bosnian Pyramids. Topics Discuss: The Discovery of the Pyramids in Bosnia, Symmetrical sides of the hills were aligned to the points of the Compass, 5 Structures found in Total, Pyramid of the Sun - Biggest Man Made Structure in the World, Discovery of Tunnels, Megalithic Blocks with Symbols on Them and Egg Shaped Blocks, Granite Balls, Connection to an Ancient Global Civilization, Underwater "cities" off the Coast of Japan, Chinese Pyramids, Baalbek, Moving Stones and Blocks with Sound/Frequency, Possible Passageways in the Pyramid of the Sun, Egyptian Pyramid Experts in Bosnia, Sections of the Excavati....