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    Children Flock to Buenos Aires Zoo


    by NTDTelevision

    In Argentina, Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6 in recognition of the day when the wisemen are said to have arrived on camels to visit the baby Jesus, leaving him gifts.

    On Tuesday, children visiting a zoo in Buenos Aires were led by wisemen to see the park's new inhabitants.

    [Ana Maria Pirra, Zoo Spokesperson]:
    "It's very moving. The parents come with their kids and the kids ask for things. Some of them ask for expensive things and others ask for really valuable things like that their parents don't separate or there is peace."

    The kings waited for children at a life-sized nativity scene and later led them to the lemur cage, where infant twin lemurs clung to their mothers and delighted children.

    Nearby, a mother wallaby stood next to her offspring, also born this year in the zoo.

    But perhaps the greatest attraction was an 8-month-year-old Bengal tiger, which joins a pair of white tigers at the zoo.

    The last stop on the tour was to check in two playful baby sea lions.

    According to tradition, Argentine children leave food and water outside their windows for the camels and in turn the wisemen, known as 'reyes magos', leave gifts.