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    PWF Mid-South: Burning Fury (Wrestling)


    "PWF Mid-South: Burning Fury" - PWF Mid-South's pinnacle was the "Burning Fury" show, which featured the promotion's biggest crowd, biggest stars and biggest controversy ever. NWA Wildside contributed five wrestlers to this show, and one of their titles is actually defended here in one of four inter-promotional matches. The show was solid from top to bottom, and the best all around PWF Mid-South of all time.

    View match results here:

    MATCHES: March 10, 2002 - Oliver Springs, TN
    1. "Atomic Chronic" Scotty Hanson vs. JP Blunt
    2. NWA WILDSIDE JUNIOR TITLE MATCH: Jimmy Rave (c) vs. Shawn Shultz
    3. RETIREMENT MATCH: Rich Kavana vs. Shane Williams (best PWF Mid-South match ever)
    4. PWF MID-SOUTH vs. NWA WILDSIDE: Thorn vs. Rick Michaels
    5. #1 CONTENDER'S MATCH: Menace vs. Dave "The Science" Pillman
    6. PWF MID-SOUTH JUNIOR TITLE MATCH: Kidd Krazzy vs. Prison Bitch
    7. PWF MID-SOUTH HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Robbie Race (c) vs. David Young
    8. PWF MID-SOUTH TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Death Row Inmates (c) vs. Phoenix Foundation vs. Lost Boys

    This show was shot with two cameras and includes commentary, promos and replays.

    Filmed & edited by stuCAM