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    Treatment for genital herpes Symptoms Of Genital Herpes- Kno


    by patrickmktg

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    Many people who contract genital herpes may not show any symptoms. Some may show mild symptoms that are taken as something else, while others may get severe problems.
    Genital herpes occurs in episodes. When you contract the virus, the virus travels to the nerve centers near the spinal cord. It travels back from there to the genital area and breaks out from time to time.

    First Episode-

    The first episode begins within a fortnight of contact. Some people get severe symptoms of herpes in this episode while others may get very mild symptoms of herpes during the first episode. The main symptom is appearance of lesions. You may see blisters filled with fluid or ulcers. The blisters rupture in to ulcers in few days and crust and heal within a month. The common areas are: on the vulva, penis, near anus, thighs, and inside vagina. Commonly women get more severe symptoms then men. If women get blisters in the vagina, cervix or urethra they may take i