Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - Movie Night

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Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is the beginning of the end of quality for the Terminator Franchise. With the recent release of Terminator Salvation on DVD/Blu Ray, let's take a look at this less than great threequel and figure out what went wrong and why.

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UPDATE: The HQ movie is playing on this site tinyurl.com/mco2gax
By accidentalbeastCc8 February
HQ movie is playing at this url tinyurl.com/ogkpwcp
By raggedcoffee82sXD February
Love the Commentary and personal insight of into this movie. Your reactions were quite similar to mine.
My personal belief is that this Movie should NEVER had been made. They said all that needed to be said with T1 and T2. One of the themes of those films is that we can change our fate. T3 pretty much POOPED all over that theme. Much like how "Alien 3 did to Alien & Aliens" All the sacrifices that these character went through were for nothing. All because of short sighted writing/creativity and greed for the All Mighty DOLLAR!
By Tony Gilley 5 years ago
Grate review man i can't wait to here your T4 review too. They made john connor into a intresting guy than just a cardborad character.
By Teddy 5 years ago