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    My tribute to Floor Jansen

    Tenyo Barbolski

    by Tenyo Barbolski

    In my opinion, Floor Jansen is the best female singer in metal because her vocal style is extremely varied: opera, rock, pop, ... very different styles, but anyhow this is no problem for Floor! See (or better: listen) for yourself! :)

    The songs:
    After Forever - Come*
    After Forever - Beautiful Emptiness**
    After Forever - Intrinsic***
    After Forever - Sins of Idealism**
    After Forever - Strong*
    After Forever - Face Your Demons*
    After Forever - Monolith of Doubt***

    *taken from the album "Remagine" (2005)
    **taken from the album "Invisible Circles" (2004)
    ***taken from the album "Decipher" (2001)

    About Floor Jansen:
    - born on 21st February 1981 in Goirle (the Netherlands)
    - singer in "After Forever" since 1997 (when the band still had the name "Apocalypse")