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    A Life Saving New Year's Resolution

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    For more info visit Nearly 4,000 women in America will die this year from cervical cancer. These cancers are, largely, preventable, and raising public awareness can save lives. It's why the U.S. Congress has designated January as Cervical Health Awareness Month. Cervical cancer is the only cancer known to be primarily caused by a common virus, the Humanpapillomavirus (HPV). In the United States, 11,000 new cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed in 2010 from HPV caused tumors. HPVs are sexually transmitted via skin-to-skin contact. Recent research indicates the virus also cause some cases of cancers of the mouth, anus, head and neck in men and women. Cervical cancer often is stigmatized as a disease acquired as a result of promiscuous behavior. While risks of acquiring a high-risk HPV increase with the number of one's sexual partners, persons in longtime monogamous relationships can be infected from a lone sexual encounter that occurred years, even decades, earlier.