"How Police KILL Gay Men"

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On 12th Feb & 22nd March 2010 six hours of video recorded gay witness/victim evidence/statement & documentation recorded by two CIOS police officers. Also present, a member of the Devon & Cornwall Independent Advisory Group.

This video statement & documentation identified numerous Cornwall police officers involved in suppression of evidence, perjury, falsification of statements, intimidation, misconduct, abuse of power, failure of duty of care, etc. etc. etc.

Devon & Cornwall Police are dishonestly suppressing this witness evidence & refusing to record complaints against officers identified.

The IPCC cannot grasp the six hour tape IS the complaint against police of a relentless homophobically motivatted vendetta by numerous police. Devon & Cornwall Police despite a promise from senior police officers, police now refuse a Freedom of Information Act, request to release the tape.

Corruption & dishonesty, benchmarks of modern policing.
By CornwallLGBTHistory 5 years ago
Good job he wasn't responsible for the local LGBT publication, or obtaining the £50,000 funding for the Gay Men's Health Project, or winning an ombudsman enquiry against local council for MALICE towards an HIV/AIDS sufferer, or winning an appology from Cornwall Council for failure to deliver statutory services to HIV/AIDS sufferers in Cornwall, or appology for two Spainsh gay men abused by Cornish Tourist board or assisting organise LGBT PRIDE events during the 1990's or the rally (filmed by Channel 4) on equal age of consent or instrumental in raising the failure of ANY provision for LGBT youth in Cornwall, or raising the issue regarding FOUR gay male suicides in Cornwall in 2008, or as a direct result of his Independent Police Comlaint Commission enquiry the appointment of 3 new diversity officers for Cornwall or PERSONAL letter of thanks he received from EQUALITY & HUMAN RIGHTS commission for evidence he submitted (still having an affect)...OPPS, he was!
By CornwallLGBTHistory 6 years ago