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    DirectorsReel-short - by Radha Bharadwaj


    by frenchtoadst

    Preview Reel of some of Radha Bhradwaj's films...

    Among them: "Closetland" with Alan Rickman (Snipe in the Harry Potter films) and Madeleine Stowe, produced by Ron Howard... plus: "Basil" with Sir Derek Jacobi, Christian Slater and Jared Leto.

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    Radha Bharadwaj was born in India and moved to the United States in her late teens to study film. She is a rarity in Hollywood, being an Asian American female director who creates English language features that are not narrow, ethnic tales but dark tales of suspense and intrigue that are universal in theme and scope.

    Her scripts uniformly feature rich, complex and unusual characters—this, coupled with her ability to direct actors to powerful performances, has enabled Bharadwaj to draw major talent to her films.

    Closet Land was released by Universal Pictures in 1991, making Radha Bharadwaj the first director of Indian descent to have a film released by a Hollywood major.