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    Spy on a cheating spouse Att Cell Phones Should Pull The Plu


    by patrickmktg

    Tiger Wood is the highest grossing athlete in the world. Keep in mind though golf, in general cannot compare to the salaries of top tier NBA, NFL and MLB players. However, Tiger absolutely kills the competition in terms of endorsements. I wouldn't be surprised if companies selling unlocked cell phones tried to bring in the seven figures for a Woods deal. Well that may have been the case but, well, not anymore. After we learned of Tiger Woods' infidelity we saw that companies may be more willing to endorse Tanya Harding than Tiger. And that's not such a gross hyperbole. Gillette, Accenture and Tag Heuer have all dropped, put on hold, or lessened the Woods' endorsements. The guy is leaking endorsement deals like a Brooklyn sink. Now ATT Cell Phones is getting into the mix.

    After the infidelity came out Woods thought it would be a good idea to take an indefinite break from golf. Well, where does that leave a company like ATT Cell Phones that markets