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    LORD BAAL (ֳ־ֿׁ־ִ) was the LORD of prosperity, health, the keeper of the gate between material (ֲ YAV) and non-material (ְֲֽ NAV & ֿ׀ְֲ PRAV) worlds. That is why Aryans always performed rites of the LORD BAALS DEPARTURE at the end of the year and APPEARENCE at the beginning of the coming year & THEY ONLY built temples in his name. Later on Osirian PRIESTS-CROSSBREEDS encoded Baals name in Tetragrammaton as YHWH (Greek IHVH) with the prohibition to pronounce the NAME and claims that correct pronunciation is lost with time. NO, IT IS NOT. The pronunciation of [YHWH] is YAVEE - is an exact pronunciation of the Slavic Aryan word ֲ or ֲָ, which means THE VISIBLE MATERIAL WORLD. Much later the concept of Slavic Aryan ֲ־Oֻ=ֲָֻ=ֲֵֻ=ֲֵֵֻׁ (BAAL) was encoded-tabooed In TORAH and presented as YHWH by Osirian priests.