BAALBECK 7 The space odyssey monolyth

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THE KEEPER OF THE CYCLE OF THE APPEARANCE AND DISSAPEARENCE OF LORD BAAL EVERY YEAR. Slavic Aryan HORS is the later Egyptian HORUS. So, YHWH is encoded NAME OF BAAL: Y = IAM (ֲ), H = HORS (ױ־׀ׁ), V = BAAL (ֲ־Oֻ = ֲָֻ = ֲֵֻ = ֲֵֵֻׁ & BAALS CYCLE), and H = HORS (ױ־׀ׁ) - Aryan [ֲ־־ֻ] became Hebrew [YHWH]. This is the shortest synopsis about the significance of BAALBEK and the Temple of BAAL. Tetragrammaton was literally created from the PANTHEON of ancient SLAVIC ARYAN GODS and remains encoded as ONE HEBREW GOD. In reality - THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN. EVERYTHING NEW IS WELL FORGOTTEN OLD. NOTE 2: In Sanskrit texts word BALA (transliteration of BAAL) means STRENGTH & is the description of DEVA/RAMA, which is ONE OF THE NAMES FOR BAAL.

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