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    Daffney vs Awesome Kong (31.12.2009) TNA


    par MissDaniGermany

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    Kong looks so weird without her gloves xD and yeah I agree. Theyve even taken away the six sides ring, the very thing that made TNA most unique and have ruined the company completely. the ratings speak for themselves...
    Par Charley_WestonIl y a 4 ans
    TNA has gone to crap now that Hogan, Flair, and Bishoff own it they fired both of them and several other knockouts and wrestlers replacing them with Superstars and Divas
    Par EGPMHIl y a 5 ans
    daff shouldve won that i mean kong can win the title @ anytime that she wants
    Par 87iconIl y a 6 ans