Sonic X episode 59 "Galactic Gumshoes"

Sonic X

by Sonic X

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?The link didn't stream it , use this website -
Acousticlazines269 - view it right here
Sonic is like mould, it's blue, fuzzy and it will grow on you.
By dm_50394f7babe6b3 years ago
@ 6:10 if you think vector's stake out at the shark tank was bad
By fidjnr5 years ago
1:56 Vector was blushin wen he ansad Cream's mum on d fon, I tink he lyks ha. 4:06 Sonic can't even control his own spid. 6:04 Chris & frnds rili pounded Vector. 6:33 Dis tym Amy pented Espio wen he was invisibu, but 1st tym, she mistekenly hit him with ha malet. 8:08 Wen Vector sed dat he was totaly fired up, he was litarali fired up! 15:24 Vector kidnapd Cream & Cheese bcos he tinks dat Cream's mum want ha 2 com hom. he can do enitin, just 2 impres Cream's mum. 15:55 Vector is just hotin himself. 16:06 Espio can do oda speci`al abilitis lyk telepoteshon & he has wiponz lyk xplodin ninja staz. 17:33 Vector sed 2 Sonic, " It is a gud tin u're blu bcos knw 1 is goin 2 notis afta I'm don wupin u ". Dis is d 1st tym dat enibodi hav eva med a jok about Sonic's color.
By Obinnathunder5 years ago
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