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    Deadly Road Accident in Kerala, India


    by NTDTelevision

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    A major highway in India’s Kerala state was blocked for hours after a gas tanker collided with a passenger car. One person is dead and several were injured in the accident.

    It all happened on Thursday when a gas tanker hit a passenger car and overturned on a major highway in Kerala. One person was killed and least 20 others were injured.

    It took almost six hours to put out the fire.

    [Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Interior Minister of Kerala]:
    "The situation is under control. More police, fire service personnel and the district administration are focusing their attention there. We have avoided too much damage but people should be restricted from going there."

    The gas tanker coming from Mangalore City was carrying at least 18 tons of fuel.

    Some of the victims were critically injured and special efforts are being made to take care of them.

    [Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Interior Minister of Kerala]:
    "Here all arrangements are being made to those who have been admitted to the hospital. Special efforts are being taken to set up a special ICU. The health department is taking all steps to help the victims in coordination with the Medical College and KIMS."

    People living near the accident were evacuated and residents were asked to switch off their gas supply as a precautionary measure.

    The fire, which spread within minutes, engulfed a row of shops and a few houses.

    The traffic on the national highway was blocked for hours.