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    Brazil floods kill at least 14 people


    by NTDTelevision

    Heavy rains have hit Brazil over the last two days. The downpour provoked serious mudslides that killed at least 14 people on Thursday.

    Storms pounded the province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazli on both Wednesday and Thursday.

    Mudslides and flooding destroyed buildings in some areas and killed over a dozen people.

    Firefighters managed to rescue a little girl, but not her mother who was later found dead.

    Rescue workers said they would be missing tonight's New Year's celebrations, but for a good cause.

    [Luiz Rodrigues, Rescue Worker]: (Spanish, male)
    "I'm not going to spend the New Year with my family but it was worth it because we saved a boy underneath the landslide, which could have come down at any moment."

    Civil Defense authorities said five people were confirmed dead in the western area of Jacarepagua.

    Nine more deaths were recorded in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

    Statistics on the number of people affected by the floods have not yet been compiled .