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    Continuing its commitment to innovative and unexpected collaborations, Boucheron has once again decided to take the traditional world of High-Jewelry and reinterpret it in a modern and inventive way that stretches both conventional jewelry concepts and the imagination. Its partnership with the renowned designer Marc Newson has resulted in a unique piece that has taken jewelry into the unexpected realms of mathematics and fractal geometry.
    The final product of this collaboration is a one-of- a-kind piece inspired by the stunning Julia set Fractal, named after the scientist who discovered it, Gaston Julia. Fittingly Boucheron has baptized its intricate and striking creation the Julia necklace.
    Marc Newson is an award winning designer who has worked in a vast and varied number of disciplines that have seen him create everything from timepieces, shoes and cars to chairs and jet airplane interiors. Over the years Newson has become a household name for his cutting edge industrial design with many of his creations seen as defining pieces of modern living and collectable objects d'art. But at the start of his illustrious career Newson originally studied Jewelry at Sydney College of the Arts, a craft that, until this collaboration with Boucheron, he rarely put into practice.