Duyen Tran
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Fact Story: Well the story goes as follows, Anna is the host and volunteered to do a dance for the church on X Mas Eve. So she had gathered many people in the group. Practice went well until the three weeks of practice. Amongst the group Anna and some other members had came up with moves for the dance since they see each other everyday. However, the other members meet only on Sunday's which was difficult. Three weeks into the practice and there was a dispute and argument amongst the group about choreograph. Different members had their opinions and no longer agree. So the members "Wannabe" decided to form their own, leaving Anna in disappointment. It's bad enough leaving, however, what makes it worse that the group had taken all the members except for three people including Anna herself. They had desperately called, and search for people who truly be in the dance. Finally, Anna has finally found people the group became formerly known as group is called Tru10