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    Chinese Authorities to Monitor Karaoke Music


    by NTDTelevision

    Authorities in the Chinese city of Chongqing are implementing a surveillance system in more than 150 local karaoke parlors. According to state-run media, the move is part of a campaign to monitor what music people are singing at thousands of karaoke parlors across the country.

    When a song with lyrics deemed obscene or politically sensitive is played, the system will directly alert local authorities. The song will then be deleted from the karaoke machine’s database.

    The Deputy Inspector of the Henan Provincial Department of Culture spoke to the Dongfang Jinbao News about what “politically sensitive” songs would be. For example, those relating to issues like Xinjiang independence or Taiwan. Or those with lyrics that poke fun at political figures.

    Karaoke parlors are hugely popular in China, and this latest move to monitor what people are singing is already making patrons uneasy.