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    Pitbull Parody (Fast Food Song)


    by Asathecomic

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    Written and Directed by Asa T.

    Forget about your diet and meet me at the fast food joint..
    You can bring yo momma just meet me at the fast food joint.

    We at the bk tac Bell mickey ds
    We at the Popeyes DQ pizza hut
    We at the wendys arbys Chic fil-A !!!!!!!
    We at the white castle Long John Silverssssssss!!!

    She like that fattnin stuff, number 2 drive thru, 1 wing and a thigh, chaPoopa iaight, she boo booin, but she eat so right so baby tonight eat, whatever you like. Bring your momma, its Wendys tonight night, your man just left you hungry , C'mon lets take a drive!!! , let me get an angry whopper, oh, you the Mickeys type . Lets go get a big bite... Now gimme that dairy queen yeah that freezey stuff,, let me tell you what we gon' do. After DQ, i'm gon stomach pump you. Then we're gonna go to arbys then you gon' stomach pump me. Then we're gon' be taco bell whores, we gon' eat some more, look girl!