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    TIAHUANACO & PUMA-PUNKU 2 Military installations theory

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    The highest attention by Russian team was paid to:
    1 Stone processing & cutting technology @ TIAHUANACO, PUMA-PUNKU (since this is the only substantial & visible evidence that has been left by antediluvian civilization)
    2 The purpose of stones cut certain way;
    3 The purpose of stones used in military installations;
    4 Sampling of the stones and metal composites. The other interesting evidence that has been found is the purposeful and deliberate destruction of all writings and imagery on the stones by GODS-WINNERS IN THE WAR - sites including TIA, PUMA-P, CUENCA, SAKSAHUAMAN, KORICANCHA, OLLANTAYTAMBO after the winning of the destructive war. Some theories were put forward by Russian team about the legendary DELUGE, described in the numerous ancient texts being a result of a tremendous self-inflicted catastrophe by misuse of the weaponry of tremendous power somewhere around 12000 BC and second round 4500 y later.