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Conception, by hp process and Julien Blaine

il y a 8 ans138 views

Presentation conducted to better understand the links between poetry and technology: some text Julien Blaine appears on the screen, the breath of Hortense Gauthier determines its size. The movement [speed and position] of letters is then determined by the voice of Julien Blaine, or his breath in conches. Hortense Gauthier is captured in real time and integrated into the 3D world of letters. It is multiplied by a logic of temporal and spatial displacement. This performance, entirely in real time [sound / video] has been programmed with pure data.

Motion-text software is created with pure data. It can process in real time text (both preset typed in real time). Each letter of the text is converted into mass [library pmpd]. It is possible to manipulate the text as a whole mass.
The voice recognition, as a trigger, based on the object [voicing_detector] library ekext.
The positioning of the letters comes from the frequency analysis of voice, through [fiddle ~].

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Conception, by hp process and Julien Blaine
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