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    Nutrition 101 with Joan O'Keefe, RD: Breakfast

    Forever Young Diet

    by Forever Young Diet

    Our bodies are meant for a certain fuel. When you put the correct fuel in your body it runs well for a very long time. Please visit for more information.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You will notice marked improvements in mood and energy, with fewer cravings for junk food, when you eat a breakfast that is high in water, protein, good carbs (loaded with antioxidants), and healthy fats. What does breakfast do?

    Breakfast boosts our metabolism. Many people who struggle with their weight often skip breakfast altogether or have a light breakfast. As we age our metabolism get slower. One way to boost our metabolism is to eat breakfast. Breakfast boosts our metabolism because it gets the fires burning for the day. Breakfast gets the metabolism nice and high so we burn calories through out the day.

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