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    Summer Holiday Fun in Bali


    by NTDTelevision

    Tanjung Benoa is a famous Bali spot for water sports lovers. Tourists, both foreign and domestic, can enjoy a wide variety of water games. And for the more daring, there’s always parasailing.

    [Tiffany and Hosea, Australian Tourists]:
    “Oh, very great, when I went up the boat stopped and we came down into the water, so we had to go again.”

    “Yeah, it was (an) awesome experience, I will recommend it to anybody who hasn’t done it yet, to come and do parasailing, if you haven’t done it, very good, very fun.”

    If you aren’t quite ready to take to the air, you can try jet skiing, banana boating and lots of other fun games.

    To make your visit even more interesting, you can add on a snorkeling and coral reef sightseeing package in 3-meter-deep waters off West beach.

    [I Made Yonda Wijaya, SE, Pandawa Water Sport]:
    “There are varieties of water game, one of them is turtle-tour, which we put into one package with coral reef sightseeing, with boat up to ten persons. We also combine this with snorkeling, and go to see turtle in west beach. From west beach, if the tourists want to have drink(s) and lunch, we also offer restaurants.”

    More and more happy tourists are showing up at Tanjung Benoa beach this holiday season.

    NTD News, Bali, Indonesia