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    Arts Community Commends Shen Yun in San Diego


    by NTDTelevision

    Audience members at San Diego’s Civic Theatre were deeply impressed by Shen Yun Performing Arts.

    [Mr. Montgomery, Opera School Artistic Director]:
    “The whole production is quite spectacular and very, very enjoyable and also a lot of variety. It was a good pace with a lot of things that were very energetic and up and active, but also some very completive things as well. And I loved the instrumentation of the orchestra and also the soloists as well.”

    Mr. Baker is a marketing director for one of San Diego’s symphony orchestras.

    [Mr. Baker, Symphony Orchestra Marketing Director]:
    “It was a wonderful experience, I really enjoyed the music and I enjoyed the spectacle of it all and just how the message came across about the tradition and about the dance and about the story and the background of China. It makes me more curious to learn more.”

    Shen Yun’s singers also impressed him.

    [Mr. Baker, Symphony Orchestra Marketing Director]:
    “Wonderful. Very talented. Very striking, very powerful. And just a really good solid show.”

    [Leon Natker, Orchestra Conductor]:
    “This was an aspect of it using the dance and the music and combining the western music, particularly because I am a conductor, combining a western orchestra with Chinese instruments, traditional Chinese instruments.” FLASH COVER WITH FOOTAGE…”it points away towards the future, putting together classical Chinese instruments and classical western instruments is a way towards the future for me as a musician.”

    NTD, San Diego.