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SACSAYHUAMAN antediluvian archeology 4

il y a 8 ans2.2K views

The Sacsayhuaman zig-zag fortress & nearby temple was built in antediluvian times by unknown civilization & was rebuilt later by arriving Ayarmaca & later Inca people.

The visible traces of high technologies in shaping & cutting stones were not known to the technologically primitive Ayarmaca & Inca. Researchers are still waiting for carbon dating tests to verify the age of the ruins. The Incas entered & changed the form of the fortress as it initially had a more advanced architecture. After studying all sites in Peru & Bolivia it is obvious that Ayarmaca & later Inca tried to restore already built ancient sites for the purposes of religious worship of gods whom they probably saw in flesh & blood & lived with. Later on all sites built by the gods were worshipped as sacred places.
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SACSAYHUAMAN antediluvian archeology 4
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