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    Traditional Czech Crafts Belong To Christmas Time


    by NTDTelevision

    Numerous traditional folk crafts are still found today in the Czech Republic, where they have been handed down for generations. During the Advent period, the crafty hands of those who like doing it the old fashioned way start working.

    Maria Karolova has been making decorations and corn-leaves Christmas cribs for over 40 years.

    [Maria Karolová, Artist ]:
    “I have some very nice experiences. People visit me because they want to see my work and a couple of women come when they feel low in spirits. One of them said: Mrs. Karolova, I had to come because I always feel better here. And I’m glad I can spread happiness through my work.”

    You can also find traditional crafts at Manufaktura shop in downtown Prague. It specializes in hand-made products with the “Czech Tradition” trademark.

    [ Zdenka Novotna, Manufaktura Shop Manager]:
    “I’m delighted we sell all those decorations and ginger bread here; it’s part of Christmas; it’s all hand-made and traditions are fostered so, actually, it’s a continuation of what our grandparents used to do.”

    Why is there such great interest in traditional crafts and hand-made products?

    [ Zdenka Novotna, Manufaktura Shop Manager]:
    “You can see the beauty of the product in the hand work; it’s an original. We really should preserve this; it is irreplaceable.”

    [Romana Soukupova, Singer]:
    “I certainly think people tend to lean towards traditions and roots lately. In my view, there are commercial things everywhere now and most people are tired of that.”

    NTD News, Prague, Czech Republic.