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    by equitytrax1207

    59 views 410-782-3300 Two of the first things that you want to do before joining any company is to look at the product & then look at the compensation. I see a lot of people stuck on stupid when it comes to the company that they are current involved with out of emotion, not solid fundamentals. First of all, if you can provide a product that someone is already purchasing at a less expensive price & better service, you should have a winner. Do not attempt to get people to spend what they are already not spending. Second, you want to get paid accordingly. The top dogs are not the only ones that should be getting rich. FDI solves all of the above with its most current addition to its portfolio of products, FDIVoice. Please do your due diligence, & you will discover that this is the opportunity that can replace your JOB or your current opportunity that is not delivering. Distributed by Tubemogul.