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    Siam Kings Death News Feature 1946_New


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    Old news feature from Siam 1946 announcing the Kings Death. From the Washington Post June 10, 1946 Bangkok, June 10 -- King Ananda Mahidol, 20-year-old ruler of Siam was found dead of a bullet wound yesterday in Barompinan palace, and 12 hours later the Siamese legislature named his Boston-born brother, Prince Phumiphon Aduldet, 18, as the new King. The Siamese police director general told an emergency session of the legislature last night that the King's death was accidental and that the bullet went through the center of his forehead.
    The young King, whose death occurred on the eve of a projected trip to the United States, had been indisposed for the last two days. (In Bern, Paul Rey, director of the new Swiss school where the young King studied, said the monarch's retinue had been worried before Ananda's departure from Switzerland over the possibility of assassination.