lady christmas,x!bellydance,ladykashmir

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sweet dreams,merry x mas,,dance


wow...forgot to comment the last time I watched this vid..makes me feel understand the art of dancing...muah
By Alain The Rejected Ones 4 years ago
Gracias por tu existencia, querida Patuuii.
Has hecho mi vida un paraíso.
Alfredo de Buenos Aires
By Alfredo Méndez 4 years ago
oh who in this world is like me?just a woman .just a girl?does anyone really know.?
jim understands !some day i will leave this place and not speek words of love or give as i have in this past 3 years.!to any but a real friend if you want real expensive footage on film go to someone who can give you what you want i give you what i can.and if thay say i never loved you .you know thay are a .lier and now i have been moved from glad to sadness ,does mr,moe joe rise !?in the night in the dark?i wish i could start all
over some place new with good loveing people !i give and give and give and its never enough, i a person not a porn queen ,i just a girl in the world that loved you all,but that was never enough,and he says learn to forgive !?i wish i could find a sole kitchen ,!love or maybe not !xxxxxxxxxxxxmuah to all who havea brain and a heart to the rest of the world ?
i am from ohio,i think she is in a place called kiras oasis!,dayton ohio,i got to go one and see bozanka,
but this goddess surpasses ,any i have seen in any performance anywhere,in the united states,
or abroad,thank you dear patuuii,candy for my eyes,your devoted fan,Richard xox!more more more xxxxx
By Duncan Mc Cloud 4 years ago
so beautiful where are you ,?can anyone attend this place,you are a vision of great beauty and talent,lovely please continue more like this!
By darkstar666 4 years ago