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    Straight Talk by Verizon!! Check it out Today!!


    by JoshJohnson54



    I purchase Straight Talk for their savings and their economical plans. I have never had a dropped call and I've been up in the mountains talking to my mom. I just enjoyed very much how little I pay per month $45 unlimited all, compare to the $200 bill I used to received just for me, I was always going over minutes. No contracts with ST nor hidden charges, just what you pay for per month. Switch today and you will know how it feels.
    By mysticmey5 years ago
    The Straight Talk $30 plan is great for my 14 year old daughter, she loves texting but I have to put limits down for her otherwise she gets carried away, so 1000 texts and 1000 talk minutes and 30mb of data is more than enough to last her the month. If she wants to talk & text more than this she can use my ST $45 unlimited plan phone when I'm home. This system has worked well so far.
    By mylynette5 years ago
    . I'm crazy and like to keep track of ever little penny I spend. Well last month marks six months since I switched to straight talk from t-mobile, and I've saved almost $250 already! I'm using that money to get myself a spiffy new phone, any suggestions?
    By picklemepink5 years ago
    I wasn't really as excited by this plan as some other prepaid ones because I assumed that because it was sold at Walmart, the phones didn't necessarily use the best network - I was proven wrong. Straight Talk is actually a part of the Verizon network so the calling coverage is much better than other companies that tend to use secondary networks. There is an advantage to having the whole thing sold at Walmart - you can find a Walmart nearly anywhere and means you can find Straight Talk anywhere.
    By SleepingBelle5 years ago
    What are you going to do when you're totally in love with some one and you can't speak to them much because they're in another state. I've been there and because of that had such a humungus bill that it took up $357 of my money before I said whoa girl!! We gotta make a plan here. Well I asked around and then went to Walmart to see what cost saving options were available and came across the $45 Straight Talk unlimited plan for unlimited talk, text and web. This has saved me from financial ruin and has truly helped me secure my relationship with my man because now we talk for hours at night and I don't have to worry about spending a cent more than $45/ month.
    By fatcheeksmabusa5 years ago
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