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    Santa Claus Gets Arrested: Artwork by Merrill Kazanjian

    Merrill Kazanjian

    by Merrill Kazanjian

    Lets face it. Santa was asking for it........ The man: 1.) "Breaks and enters" illegally over a billion times each year........ on Jesus' birth day. 2.) Depends on exploitative labor of people under three feet tall. 3.) Could be the cause of the Polar ice caps melting. 4.) Flies without a license and at his own leisure.....while the rest of us get frisked and go through metal detectors before flying. Could the north pole be harboring terrorists? Anyway.....Its the holiday I created an artwork of Mr. Santa Claus getting arrested for all of his transgressions. I started out with a pencil drawing (regular #2 pencil. Then I added a layer of marker. I followed the layer of marker with a layer of color pencil. After the color pencil, I added oil paint and liquin. Finally, I scanned the image and did touch ups in Paint Shop Pro 9. Happy Holidays from Merrill Kazanjian