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    Return 2 Earth (Sequel to Escape 2 Earth 2012)

    Escape 2 Earth - 2012

    by Escape 2 Earth - 2012

    They thought it was all over. For six years the people of New Earth were making a better life for themselves when suddenly our heroes from Escape 2 Earth, Matt, Will and Art receive a distress signal from the Bottom Dwellers on Old Earth! Taz, the son of the evil tyrant Rotart has begun enslaving the humans who stayed behind. Once again it is up to Matt, Will and Art to defeat their new enemy and rescue the society of Bottom Dwellers on Old Earth before its too late.

    This time it will be more difficult. With disagreement among the worlds leaders and a menacing traitor in the midst of the Planetary Alliance, the largest rescue mission in the history of mankind is underway. Who is the traitor? Are Matt, Will, and Art clever enough to defeat Taz and the Otarian army? Who will not survive this deadly mission? And will those left behind on old Earth gain liberation from the treacherous tyrant? Find out in the sequel to Escape 2 Earth.