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    Business disaster recovery The Tech Gap In Small Business Po


    by bluesky16

    The small business entrepreneur has fallen into the Tech Gap.

    What is the Tech Gap?

    It's when your business is too small for dedicated tech support but you are big enough that you must rely on your technology for your business to grow and thrive!

    The result?

    You either go it alone... and suffer endlessly because you have no solutions to your constant computer frustrations. Or, you end up spending thousands of dollars a year on IT consultants to fix every problem that comes up.

    And even if you do pay to have your problems fixed by a consultant... you are still in the dark on how everything works.

    How do I know this?

    For the last 10 years I have been an IT consultant for Fortune 500 Companies and Small Business Entrepreneurs. Using my 20 plus years of expertise, across many areas of IT, including Network Engineering, Disaster Recovery, Information Security, Database Administration, Programming, Web Develop