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    CCL Countdown Series 1- #3- Christie Monteiro

    CAW Champions League

    by CAW Champions League

    CAW Champions League superstar Christie Monteiro.

    This is a countdown video for the new CAW Champions League.

    Christie Monteiro
    From: Brazil
    Height: 5'8" Weight: 130 lbs.
    Christie Monteiro is a character in the Tekken series of video games. She is the granddaughter of Eddy Gordo's master. Originally, the development team intended to create a female Capoeira fighter for Tekken 3, but felt too unconfident at the time and so opted for a male character instead. Upon her introduction in Tekken 4, Christie replaced Eddy as the prominently-featured Capoeira practitioner. Through her Tekken story, she entered King of Iron Fist tournaments to care for her dying grandfather.

    A veteran of three King of Iron Fist Tournaments, the beautiful Christie Monteiro brings the Capoeira style to the CAW Champions League. While fellow Capoeira fighter Eddy Gordos CAW career was undistinguished, Monteiro now looks to step into the spotlight and shine.