(Copenhagen Cop15 Climate Change) Composting Capitalism

Dylan Strain

by Dylan Strain

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By plaugermartinavv 4 years ago
Hi Dylan,
Thanks for an excellent video and a chance to taste a bit of COP15 where I'd hoped to go but in the end couldn't. One bit of local 'system change' I'm looking to promote, with others, in 2010 is 'Bike Train' - a Lewes Road for Clean Air initiative. We'll be running scheduled mass bike rides (initially The Level to Falmer) during rush ... See Morehour times, as an innovative, low emission, safe & fun way for new and existing cyclists to get from A to B. We aim to test the scheme on the Lewes Road during Jan-March, then start on one-day per week by the end of April. If successful, we hope to increase to daily rides from September with a view to opening other routes, providing a practical and safe way for adults to get to work/univ and kids to get to school.
Could be a good local follow-up post COP15.

Duncan Blinkhorn
By Dylan Strain 6 years ago
Corporate socialism stinks, too!
It matters NOT what 'type' of political establishment people 'elect', the fact is they are all the SAME in this day and age.
Left, right or centre ; Labour, Tory or Liberal ; Republican or Democrat they ALL subscribe to the REAL owners/controllers of the world.
The other problem is the hijacking of the Green movement by agents for the 'owner/controllers' with the end aim of WORLD TAXATION for every human on the planet, all under the guise of 'saving the planet'.
How many are being misled........
By oldeadeyesisback 6 years ago
woo, well done on the film, very thought provoking! Shame to hear that the danish government are "normalising" people trying to live the right way, I always think that more northern europeans are a bit better at that sort of thing, live and let live, than the UK. Obviously not.

It does annoy me when climate / environmental groups dismiss carbon trading though. Seen through correctly and to its logical conclusion it seems to me to be the best way to sort emissions. Environmental groups don't understand it and just dismiss it though, and by doing that and ignoring it they let EU govts get away with watering it down and don't allow the EU to show that it can work.

Kate Porter
By Dylan Strain 6 years ago
A great film Dylan - well done .

Joyce Edmond-Smith
By Dylan Strain 6 years ago
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