Rugby 101 - Penalty Goal

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A penalty goal can be attempted when the referee awards a penalty for the apposition’s indiscretion, meaning their bad behavior, speech or lack of good judgement. To score a penalty goal the ball is place kicked from the ground and must go above the cross bar and between the posts. To score three points. If a penalty is awarded too far away from the goal posts to attempt at goal, the attacking team has three options: 1.They can kick for touch and get a throw in at the line out, 2.They can take a tap penalty and run the ball 3.They can opt for a scrum, where the attacking team will feed the ball. Generally in today’s world most teams try and kick penalties at goal, some goal kickers can take a penalty kick from a very long range though, but this all depends on the time and the score bored. If a team in comfortable leading the will most likely go for a kick at goal, but if a team is loosing and they desperately need points they will most likely kick for touch as close as possible to their goal line in an attempt to score a try. Hmm my Rugga Fans now you know all about penalty goals. It’s simple give away a penalty and you will be punished!!!