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    Free Voicemail to Email



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    Barak is out and needs to call his wife Katrina. He dials her CY.TALK® phone number on his mobile phone. She’s not home, the CY.TALK® phone is ringing but no one answers. But Katrina activated her voicemail so all calls that she misses go to her voicemail box. Barak hears a FREE message telling him to leave her a voice message. He speaks the message and it goes directly to Katrina’s email box. She is in her office and immediately gets an email with a new voice message. She opens it and listens. You can listen for FREE to your voice messages either from your email, CY.TALK® web-site, your CY.TALK® internet phone or even from your mobile phone wherever you are. You can customize your voicemail greetings for free. Set your call forwarding so you will never miss a call! For more info watch our other tutorials to learn about new ways to use your phone and save: