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    Part 1: How to plug your CY.TALK® Gateway



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    Barak has ordered a gateway in CY.TALK® online-shop. The postman arrives and brings it to his office. He unpacks it. There is an Ethernet cable, phone cable and a power supply in the box. He plugs one end of his existing landline cable to the landline port on the gateway. He plugs the phone cable to the Phone port on the gateway and the other end to his ordinary phone. He takes the Ethernet cable and plugs one end to Ethernet port on his new gateway and the other end to his modem. Finally he connects the Power supply and plugs it to the electric socket. All four light indicators turn green which means the gateway is ready to use! No configuration or computer needed! Calls at CY.TALK® low rates!
    Barak picks up and dials his wife’s number. She picks up and they start talking.
    For more uses for your CY.TALK® gateway see Parts 2, 3 and 4 of the movie!