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  • Añadir a anxiety disorder, To begin, lets look at how an anxious dusorder thought is powered and then I will demonstrate how to quickly eliminate the intensity of the thought. Say for example you are going about your daily business when an anxious thought enters your mind. Whatever the nature of the thought, the pattern that follows is usually quite predictable. The anxious thought flashes briefly in your awareness and as it does so you immediately react with fear as you contemplate the thought. The fearful reaction you have to the thought then sends a shock-wave through your nervous system. You feel the result of that fear most intensely in your stomach (due to the amount of nerve endings located there). Because of the intense bodily reaction to the thought you then get sucked into examining the anxious thought over and over. The continuous fearful reaction you have to the thought, increases the intensity of the experience. The more you react, the stronger the thought rebounds again in your awareness creating more anxious shock-waves throughout your body. This is the typical cycle of anxious thoughts. For some it feels like the anxious thoughts are hijacking their peace of mind. Because of the reaction you are having, you may continue to spend the rest of your day thinking about the anxious thoughts you experienced. “Why am I thinking these thoughts?” “Why can’t I shake off this eerie feeling?” The harder you try not to think about it, the more upset you become. It is like telling someone ‘Whatever happens do not think of a pink elephant’. Naturally enough it’s all they can think about. That’s the way our brains our wired. So how can you eliminate these unwanted anxious thoughts? What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Is it simply a severe form of shyness? this disorder affects approximately 5% of the general population. Find out the symptoms and latest treatments that are available. Distributed by Tubemogul.

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