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    Childrens Christmas Gift Appeal The Smith Family Donations


    by SmithFamilyThe

    Call 1800Family (1800 326459) for The Smith Family Childrens Charity Christmas Appeal. Sponsor a disadvantaged Australian child's education and learning today through the Smith Family. Right now there are 680,000 disadvantaged kids in Australia. Many will find themselves worse off in this uncertain economic climate. School for these kids brings only anxiety. They already know they'll find it hard to fit in. That they can't contribute. And that they'll struggle to keep up. Sadly, there will also be kids who will learn this lesson for the very first time. You can help break the cycle of disadvantage. You can support a child's education for just $27 a month. This sum provides one child with the essential items they need. What's more, they also get access to a critical network of personal support, providing invaluable tutoring, mentoring, coaching and literacy programs - all from a sponsorship that costs less than $1 a day. Distributed by Tubemogul.