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    (Anatal.E.D.H) String Quartet No.1 2nd (Adagio con amarezza)

    재 게시

    : anatalmusic

    47 조회
    1st Moderato comodo
    2nd Adagio con amarezza
    3rd Allegro molto
    4th Presto con brio

    Anatal.E.D.H this piece of the True MusicString Quartet No.1 2nd (Adagio con amarezza) said.

    Anatal the best pure musicians all missions are constantly changing music.

    This song was released the same time in the world.

    I wanted to write slow songs. Understand.

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    OR if you permit me to use commercial organizations ( hara being paid.

    Your life's worth of music Anatal to hope.

    --Musicians Anatal.E.D.H--

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