Algerian national anthem = النشيد الوطني الجزائري


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A national anthem is entitled to evoke patriotic emotions at the same time displaying the rich heritage and culture of the country. Likewise the national anthem of Algeria also stands for the vibrant traditional culture and heritage of the country as well as epoch making history of the country which has left behind some indelible marks.

The significance of the national anthem of Algeria lies in the fact that it attempts to showcase the moments of freedom struggle of Algerian war of independence. It is written in Arabic and is popularly known as Kassaman or Qassaman' in English it is termed as (The Pledge). After the achievement of independence from the French regime, the song was formally adopted as the Algerian national anthem in the year 1963. The lyric of this national song was written by Mufdi Zakariah and music was given by Mohamed Fawzi.

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