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Related blog article: http://blog.phanara.com/post/2009/12/20/False-Copyright-Infringement-Claims-Youtube-THE-BIGGER-PICTURE.aspx

Used with permisson from Author (therealweeklynews )

Request for use:
May I have your permission...
To download this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5FHwuHVPsY

and post it on my channel with your written permission? I have two videos that have been falsely flagged by false copyfight claims and I want to spread this to my subscribers. I am interested in getting youtubes attention and applying pressure to them to fix this system. Censorship is a big problem and we all need to work together on this.

I hope you say yes,


Permission Granted:
Re: May I have your permission...
Sure, that would be fine with me. Good luck with your videos.

The Real Weekly News


My channel was suspended today based on false claims by a single company, filing false claims and ludicrous assertions.
My videos contained just a few snippets from publicly available videos based on fair use. I was accused of "using" a brand name - because I mentioned it.
By StopSpamming April
So true, my friend.
Just WHO are these YouTube 'flaggots'?
The 'truthseeker' movement have videos removed on a regular basis as I am well aware of myself.
Government/intelligence services are a big probability as are fascist mindsets who don't like other people's viewpoints.
You are right about YT NOT checking up the credentials of the complainant.
By cartoonweatherman 3 years ago
Your Right!
By Sir Obadiah 3 years ago