The Intelligence² Debate - Christopher Hitchens (Unedited)

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By Timothy Spall 2 years ago
Well I was feeling encouraged up until I heard him say; "Your Grace." Fuck that nonsense, he is still kissing ass of what he says he doesn't believe in.
By foxdove 3 years ago
z? still jazzy
By 2EroticAngel32 3 years ago
Theistic morality is quite clear, the grounds for morality come from God or Allah alone. It follows therefore, that if God or Allah does not exist then they have absolutely no morals. Ergo, the moral permissibility of committing atrocities. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Superstition and religion, by definition, draw in the gullible and make a fine stamping ground for opportunists, thugs and frauds.
By ritchloui 4 years ago
Brilliant, lucid, true!
By pcrawford 4 years ago
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