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    E2 (1/3) Events of the End - Shaykh Muhammad Hassaan

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    Events of the End presented by Shaykh Muhammad Hassaan . "Events of the End" is a new series which explains and breaks down verses from the Qur'an and selected Ahadeeth of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) relating to the approach of the Hour. The purpose of this series is to enable us to gain beneficial, pure and clear knowledge that will urge us to work righteous deeds that draw us nearer to Allah, based on knowledge. This is because the present phase of life, the worldly life, requires our awareness of the events of the end of the world and our belief in the Hereafter in the related events of the Smaller Signs and the Greater Signs of the Day of Resurrection and in all the trials and events preceding that Day. Believing in that Day is one of the integrals of the belief in Allah. Hence, this series will tackle one of the integrals of faith, without which one's faith is void, which is the belief in the Last Day. for Download the full series with multi formats